31 March 2010

5 Things Not To Do When Building Your Site

I have a tips for you who are buliding your website. Read carefully and you'll get the advantages, thank you...

There are plenty of resources out there bursting to tell you how to build your site, and likely offering their services to help you in that regard. What we’re going to look at here are several things NOT to do when building your site. Ignore these at your own peril! The last thing you want or need is for your site to be search engine unfriendly, buried in the rankings, or otherwise invisible.

1. Have No Coherent Keyword Strategy!
If you haven’t already considered in depth what your keywords for your new site should be, you need to take the time to do so ASAP! Not only should each page be optimized for a particular primary keyword, care should be taken to identify and employ secondary keywords, and some serious thought given to site architecture, as regards the phrases you’d like to be found for in the search engines. Far better to do this up front, than have to start over later, when no one’s visiting!

2. Don’t Use Only Flash and Javascript!
Many times graphic artists posing as web designers deliver you the most gorgeous, flash and javascript filled wonder you could imagine. The problem with this is that they don’t know how the search engines see your pages. Flash animation links and text rendered in javascript aren’t read by the search engines for the most part. (There are a few exceptions, but they aren’t significant.) This leaves you in a bad place: they can’t read it, so you don’t get indexed, or your content is unreadable and you don’t get found. Moreover, these types of sites take forever to load, and your visitor is gone before they even get to see what you have! Use Flash and javascript sparingly, and for what they are intended.

3. Don’t Frame Everything!
For many of the same reasons. Frames are hard for the search engine bots to read, thus putting another obstacle between you and good rankings. Basically anything that comes between you and the search engine bots, however pretty, is to be avoided!

4. Don’t Lock It All Up!
Be careful of using password protected sections in your site. While membership sites are all the rage, the search engines aren’t able to index what’s behind the curtain, and while you’re probably saying, “That’s what I want!”; tread carefully when launching your site, as you may not have a lot of visitors anyway, and don’t want to create a barrier before it makes sense to do so.

5. Don’t Pepper Me With Affiliate Links!
You’ve seen these sites: and for the life of you, you aren’t able to figure out what they’re actually selling. The sheer number of obnoxious sales pitches and banners boggle the visitors mind, and all they really want to do is get out of Dodge! If you are promoting something, be judicious about the number and size of these. Ideally, using contextual links in your content will convert better anyhow, so make sure you give this some thought. Once a visitor has been turned off to your site for this reason, they won’t be back.

Making a search engine friendly and visitor friendly site should be number one when it comes to designing your new site.




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