07 March 2010

Laughing is the best for health

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Yes, i dont't doubt that!!!


Actually laughing is healty,

What?? you don't believe that?? Hmmmm, if you don't believe that, try to read this article, okay??? hahahahaha

Norman Cousins, a health psychologist, a philosopher citing studies that put humor in medicine. Cousins had tried to heal the suffering of patients with a controversial way. Not with drugs, but with a prescription laughing and foster the spirit of life. Advice turned out to not only reduce the excruciating pain, the patient's body becomes more healthy.

As a result of therapy, Cousins sure, laugh can extend the life and contribute to the cure of disease. Although the results of that research can not yet scientifically proven. More and more laughs, more fun, and laughing can make us live longer. China proverb says, "Ie san dien Siauw, Bhe Sie Liao (one day be able to laugh three times, not going to die young)".

Laughter is a natural remedy, which is useful for making the body immune to the disease. In a study conducted at Indiana State, USA, on 33 grab sample.

Half of them were watching a comedy film and the other half watching tours. When the movie ended, the researchers took their immune cells known as natural killer cells and mix with cancer cells. The goal, to see how the effectiveness of their bodies to attack the disease.

Found: Women who laugh by the comedy scene turns out to have healthier immune systems than those who watched the film tour.

Dr. Mary Bennett, head of the study, explained this would be clinically important. The use of humor in order to stimulate laughter can be an effective therapy for reducing stress and improving the natural killer cell activity.

So, laugh before you get a deadly disease. Paint the days with laughter, because laughter is healthy.

Also, laughter can make us better friends to others, but just do not laugh to myself lest they think you are crazy.

Hahaha, and i'm sorry if my english is bad....

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